Common challenges for parents with children on the spectrum:
Difficulty connecting with your child.
Behaviors can be so challenging you’re afraid to go out in public.
Isolated, having a hard time explaining my child’s needs to family and friends.
Wish I could understand my child’s needs better.
Daily life has become overwhelming.
I wish I knew how to soothe my child.

If you have a loved one diagnosed with ASD, therapy can be incredibly beneficial for your loved one and your family. 
Learn how to better communicate and understand the needs of your child.  Improve the relationship your child has with siblings and peers.  Create support plans for events such as, going on vacation, holidays, haircuts, or back to school.  Additionally, therapy can be a place for you and your partner or family to process the challenges related to having a loved on the spectrum.       

You have likely spent countless hours searching for the best way to help your child, and have probably found thousands of answers. It is normal to feel completely overwhelmed and frustrated. Although many aspects of autism spectrum disorder remain mysterious, there is much positive work and research being done.

My experience with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Prior to doing private practice I spent several years working in an intensive day treatment center for children diagnosed with ASD. During this time I supported kids in forming healthy peer relationships, improving transitions, and helping them to remain emotionally regulated in various settings. I also supported parents and families, improving sibling interaction and helping families understand their child’s behaviors. I listened as parents expressed the never-ending demands and exhaustion of daily life, as well as celebrated the beautiful moments when a milestone is met.  Having experience in a day treatment setting has greatly informed my practice and understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder.  It includes the various treatment modalities available and the wide range of needs of families impacted by ASD. I am incredibly passionate about this work, and I feel honored to have known the individuals and families I have worked with over the years.      

If you or a loved one is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and you are looking for additional support, call today to schedule a 30-minute consultation: 952-548-6626